Why You Should Buy VPS from HotShield Private Ltd?

Why You Should Buy VPS from HotShield Private Ltd

Are you looking for the right company to purchase your windows VPS for your business?

In upgrading your business, applying some advanced technology that has been proven with good quality of services is a great idea. But, buying such kind of advancements will also let you feel the doubt of which and where should you purchase one.

With that said, HotShield is here for you. This company will help you decide why it’s the best company to buy VPS.

Buying a VPS from HotShield will let you get the features you probably need to make and a high chance to maintain your best online presence. Whether you are creating a personal business for yourself, managing a number of domains, or reselling a hosting, HotShield is here for you.

HotShield VPS Features

HotShield offer you a pre-built and a fully optimized configurations and you need not worry for anything that relates the product since they are known to have an award-winning customer service which can assist your needs. They believe that every customer deserves the highest quality of experience. Apart from that, their technical support team is always free to answer every question and resolve it accordingly.

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Price and Package Type

The package types of this company are namely the basic, advanced, professional, professional 1, professional 2, and professional 3. Let’s discuss each of the package type and its prices.

Package 1: Basic

The first package type that they offer if called the basic package. The price will start from $7.99 which is to be paid per month. The features it includes are, 40 GB SSD, 1PV4 Disk Space, 1024 MB RAM, and 1 virtual core.

Package 2: Advanced

This second package type is the most popular of them all. The price starts from $13.99 per month. The features of this package are the following; 80 GB SSD, 2 virtual cores, 2048 MB RAM, and 1 IPV4 Disk Space.

Package 3: Professional

The third package type is the first type under professional package. The price of this package starts from $28.99 per month. It has the following features; 160 GB SSD, 1 IPV4 Disk Space, 4096 MB RAM, and 4 virtual cores.

Package 4: Professional 1

This package starts its monthly payment at around $42.99 per month. The key features it comprises are the following; 200 GB SSD, 6144 MB RAM, 6 virtual cores, and 1 IPV4 Disk Space.

Package 5: Professional 2

The fifth package type is named as the Professional 2. The price starts from $54.99 monthly. It is comprising of 320 GB SSD, 8192 MB RAM, 8 virtual cores, and 1 IPV4 Disk Space.

Package 6: Professional 3

The last package type if the professional 3. Your will going to pay $99.99/month. Obviously, this one is the most expensive and its key features are the following; 320 GB SSD, 16 MB RAM, 16 virtual cores, and 1 IPV4 Disk Space.

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