Why You Should Change Your Cracked Heat Exchanger

It is a known fact that if there is something wrong with the heat exchanger of any item that you have at home, the item needs to be replaced at the soonest possible time. You know this rule and you follow it but have you ever wondered why this is necessary? When you get your item checked by your contractor and the contractor says that there is a crack, you already know what this means – you need to replace the item and the exchanger immediately.

What is the big deal with a cracked fireplace heat exchanger anyway? Why are people so concerned about it? This is because you increase the possibility of your home to be filled with dangerous carbon monoxide. In small amounts, carbon monoxide can make you a bit dizzy. You may also have a splitting headache but if you breathe in too much of it, you will become unconscious and then you will die. The carbon monoxide which is the exhaust gas will mix in with normal breathing air which can make things extremely problematic.

There are some people who are saying that holes are always worse than cracks and this is probably because of the amount of carbon monoxide that can leak. When you have cracks, the amount of air leaking out will only be limited. At the same time, when an exchanger is filled with water, there is a possibility that the water will leak out in various places because the exchanger will expand. It will not be safe to use anymore.

If in case you do not have funds to replace your heat exchanger yet, what do you plan to do about it? There are a lot of people who just forget about it. Most people do not even know that their exchanger is already cracked unless they have it checked by a professional. A lot of exchangers are not checked regularly though so they end up breaking down. By the time that professionals check them out, the diagnosis is to have the exchangers replaced soon.

You may think that you are taking good care of your exchanger. In fact, you normally clean it with pressured water to ensure that it will be working its best but the time will come when you still have to replace it no matter how much you have taken good care of it. If your exchanger reaches the 15 – 20-year period this is also expected because its expected span is about that long. Remember that your exchanger can heat up or cool down areas more than a thousand times every year. This means that it has served you well. If you want to have it replaced, know more about the AIC Group so that you can trust them with the needed items.

If you did not take good care of your furnace heat exchanger at all then you do not have to wonder why it did not last long. Like with all of the other items that you normally use, you need to have it checked and cleaned from time to time. If you do not do this, then you can expect to replace the exchangers more often.


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