Wicked Article Creator: The Best Automatic Article Builder


Wicked Article Creator is better than most content generators available online. This software is class apart, and it is beneficial when looking for a fast way to create articles for SEO campaigns or to use on a website. It is available in two versions, and they are both super easy and quick to use. The content creator gathers content related to your keyword automatically and creates informative articles for you.

Why Use WAC?

Article writing is not the easiest thing you can do, and you must have plenty of time on your hands. This is where Wicked Article Creator comes in handy. It is a technique tool that has changed how article writing is done. The whole process of coming up with a high-quality article has been eased and made fast. Whether you are looking for link building or just website content, this unique software has what it takes to write precisely what you need. You feed it with original content, and it transforms it to a new content without plagiarizing. It takes content from numerous articles to give you excellent content without repetitions.

So, How Does It Work?

WAC software is effective and uses a straightforward procedure. It uses two sources namely: article directories and the WAC Database. This refers to the way Wicked Article Creator downloads the original content and then spins it. The software’s database has over five million articles available to its users. In addition to that, it picks more content from article directories. These two rich sources enable Wicked Article Creator to come up with accurate content without copying from other websites. If you are not interested in high readability, you can go for the basic version. However, if you want articles with clarity and readability, the premium version is the best. The software also helps you get all information and main points in a well-defined list.

Benefits of Wicked Article Creator

o The software scrapes sites including titles, sub-headings, and paragraphs from various websites. This is how this software can get you well-researched content, and you can enjoy using it without breaking a sweat.
o It is the fastest spinner you will come across online. WAC spinner gives you complete articles in a few minutes, and all it takes is a single click.
o The software can create complete tiered projects or data for GSA SER with the help of GSA API.
o You can choose your article formats using the templates given. This gives you articles that suit your needs perfectly.
o Adding videos and images is simplified. The software scrapes videos and images related to your keywords.
o It has a title database that enables its title builder to add unique titles to your content.
o When buying the WAC, you only have to pay once, and you will be receiving lifetime updates for free.

In conclusion, WAC is high-quality article creator software and comes at a low price. You can choose the version to use; both are affordable and come with an easy return policy.

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