29 Nov 2018

Connecting With Elders Through Smart Video Phones

Connecting digitally has become easier and faster for most people— however, not for all. The elders are among those people who are having a hard time connecting with the ones they love. This is because they are too late to cope up with today’s generations’ practices including the use of

21 Nov 2018

Why is SEO Important in Digital Marketing?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a key word in digital marketing. If you are selling Product X then you will want customers on your site who are actually looking for Product X and not Y. The use of right words and images through SEO brings the right traffic on the

The Best Place to Service Your Android
17 Nov 2018

The Best Place to Service Your Android

Smartphones play an important role in everyone’s life, and it can bring the latest news, connect to people, store your desired data and can be used to get to appointments on time. Suppose your phone gets damaged or stops working properly, then you must choose the best smartphone repair service

08 Nov 2018

Is UPI Genuinely Paving The Secured Payment Process For Future?

The usage of a smart phone into our lives is unconditional. It has been deeply penetrating into our daily life from shopping to banking process; we have been dependent on its features. Thanks to the remarkable growth of Unified Payment Interface UPI which contribute its fraction to make the use

05 Nov 2018

Importance of mobile friendly online presence

It is fact that the searches from the mobile are increasing day by day. Those websites which are not mobile friendly, they suffer a lot on terms of traffic. Now, most of the websites are opened on the mobile handset. So, the website which don’t support mobile are losing the